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Here you can find most answers to our frequently asked questions and parent resources regarding state funding that may help cover costs for program participants. 

How can HHH programs benefit participants? 

Our services offer our clients a therapeutic, educational, and recreational outlet. Our programs are designed to improve cognitive, social, physical, and emotional functioning. Clients receive support towards goals set in outside therapies, as well as learn independence, responsibility, self-efficacy, and self-confidence. 

What is therapeutic riding and animal assisted education? 

Therapeutic riding is an adaptive, recreational sport, taught by riding instructors, for people with disabilities or anyone who would not thrive in a typical lesson program setting. Animal-assisted education is utilizing animals as a teaching tool during educational activities.  

What is the difference between therapeutic riding and hippotherapy? 

Hippotherapy is a therapy session led by a licensed therapist (PT, OT, SPT) that utilizes the horse as a tool. Hippotherapy does not teach basic riding skills and costs can be covered by insurance. Therapeutic riding is an adaptive sport taught by riding instructors trained to teach riding to disabled people. Therapeutic riding cannot be covered by insurance. 

How can I get help covering costs for your programs? 

Here are a few resources that may provide financial assistance for our services: 

Highland Rivers - Lisa Dodd (706) 295-6425

Georgia Community Support and SolutionsNicole Brickhouse (404) 634-4222

Easter Seals of Southern Georgia - Kathy Sutton (229) 439-7061

Parent To Parent Georgia - Will assist you in finding funding (ask about NOW and COMP waivers).
Contact: (800) 229-2038

Lookout Mountain Community Services - Monty at

Does your program have limitations on age, disability, or weight? 

We start our students as young as 3 and do not have a maximum age limit. We currently do not have the resources to accommodate physically disabled riders safely but we can refer you to appropriate programs in the area. Our current weight limit is 200 lbs. 

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