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Therapeutic Horsemanship

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Our therapeutic horsemanship program puts an emphasis on horsemanship from the ground and in the saddle. Students are encouraged to take creative control over their horsemanship journey and learn at their own pace without a focus on competition. This program features a "one-off, one-on" schedule where students participate in both mounted and unmounted lessons. 

"Masterful horsemanship is nothing more than simple things done with excellence."
- Pat Parelli

This program is suitable for students ages 7+ with mild cognitive disabilities, learning disabilities, students that may need extra support in navigating their anxiety, improving low self-esteem, and anyone looking for a laid-back, inclusive atmosphere. 


Monthly cost: $230 - $295 (depending on # of days each month) 

  • Must pay for the entire month at a time

  • Student receives same day/same time weekly lesson spot

  • Two unmounted and two mounted lessons each month 

  • 5 lesson months can choose between adding a 3rd unmounted or 3rd mounted. 

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