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Owned by Erin Chimberoff

Princess is a 29 year old Connemara and has been owned by Erin for 15 years. Princess is our original program horse and is now semi-retired, but she will still make appearances during our summer camps. Princess is great at teaching our riders about grooming and handling horses safely from the ground.



Owned by Erin Chimberoff

Buddy is a 20 year old quarter horse and joined our program in 2015. Buddy is our most advanced horse in the program and teaches his students about self-reflection, understanding emotions and learning how to react appropriately to them.



Owned by Erin Chimberoff

Frankie is a 13 year old Caspian/Arabian cross and has been a part of our program since 2016. Frank is our smallest lesson horse and is a great first step for our tiny riders. While she can be pretty lazy, this pony has enough talent to take her students around a jump course!



Owned by Amy Glass

Maggie is a 30 year old quarter horse that has been with our program since July 2017. Mags is our oldest program horse, but don't let her age fool you! She makes all of her riders feel confident and is one of our barn favorites.



Owned by Michelle Allen

Carlie is a 21 year old Percheron/Thoroughbred cross that joined our program in May 2019. She is our largest program horse, but will immediately make all of her riders feel at ease with her gentleness. Carlie is multi-talented and has been involved in mounted archery, jousting and eventing!

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