At Hand, Hoof, and Heart, our mission is to support people of all abilities towards improving cognitive, physical, emotional, and social functioning through the use of therapeutic animal-assisted programs.



Our Therapeutic Riding program is intended to support the improvement of the physical, cognitive, social, and emotional goals of riders with disabilities. Lessons are taught by PATH certified riding instructors with extensive experience working with the special needs community and horses. We develop our lesson plans to meet each student's unique needs by including games and exercises while also teaching the sport of horseback riding.  This program is suitable for students as young as 3 and our instructors have experience working with a wide range of diagnoses.



Not your run of the mill lesson program! We set ourselves apart from the rest by not putting an emphasis on competition and focus more on building a strong sense of horsemanship in our riders from the ground and in the saddle. This program is designed to encourage our students to create their own goals within the barn and develop a sense of self-awareness, independence and responsibility. Our horsemanship program is geared towards students that not only have an interest in riding, but also an interest in equine care, behavior and training.



Our unmounted program offers hands-on equine education from the ground and encourages students to be involved in choosing their area of focus. This program is perfect for future horse owners and those interested in pursuing careers in the equine industry, veterinarian medicine, and education. This program can be adapted in many ways and is also suitable for students that need support while navigating new environments, stepping out of their comfort zone, building confidence, as well as understanding and controlling their emotions.



Summer 2022 camp information is now available! We are excited to be offering three unique camp experiences including: 

Camp All For One: open to campers with or without disabilities, offers a 2:1 or 1:1 camper/counselor ratio and is packed with outdoor activities. 

Camp Ride On: All about the sport of horseback riding! Open to beginner to advanced beginner riders. 5:1 camper to staff ratio. 

Camp Own-A-Pone: Perfect for the future horse owner and veterinarian. Features in-depth and hands-on equine education. 



We are a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit. All donations to our program are tax-deductible.


Sponsorships allow us to be able to provide top-quality care for our program horses. We have sponsorship packages available that provide a week, two weeks, or a month's worth of care for our equine partners.


If you would like to contribute to our program in a different way, our program is always in need of supplies on the farm including feed, hay, first aid, grooming, supplements, and more. Please contact us directly for more information.