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Our Luxury Leads bejeweled halters come in 4 different colors and 3 different sizes. Featuring a padded crown piece and noseband with adjustable straps and a cheek clip. These will make you the talk of the barn! Message us to choose your color and size after purchase. 


Inventory below: 

Pink and Purple jewels

SMALL (suitable for medium to large pony) - 2 available

MEDIUM (suitable for small to medium horse) - 6 available

LARGE (suitable for large horse and draft cross) - 10 available 


Blue and Green jewels

SMALL - 2 available 

MEDIUM - 2 available 

LARGE - 8 available 


White and Red jewels

SMALL - 4 available 

MEDIUM - 4 available 

LARGE - 10 available 


Red/White/Blue jewels 

SMALL - 2 available 

MEDIUM - 7 available 

LARGE - 6 available 

Luxury Leads bejeweled halters - new with tags

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